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Meito Christ International Church
We are an interdenominational, multicultural congregation of Christians who meet together to worship God. Everyone is welcome. Children’s Sunday School classes are held from 4:00 p.m., worship is at 5:00 p.m. and a time of fellowship follows the service.
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TEL:   052-771-5267
〒465-0034 名古屋市名東区高柳708
708 Takayanagi Meito-ku Naogya 465-0034 JAPAN

Meito Christ International Church

“Who are we…?”

MCIC Mission Statement:

Spread the Gospel of Christ to all in the Nagoya area by serving the spiritual needs of the English-speaking community.


Meito Christ International Church (hereafter known as MCIC) is an English-speaking international, inter-denominational congregation in Nagoya, Japan who gather in worship to praise and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.  It is a congregation that has grown to weekly worship with children’s Sunday school during the fall, winter and spring and other programming. MCIC has been worshipping for over 10 years and has provided a place for English-speaking people in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan to grow in faith and discipleship.  We desire to share in our faith, life, actions and worship the good news of Jesus Christ to all.

MCIC Relationships:

MCIC is in partnership with a local Japanese congregation: Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church and the Tokai district of the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC) and has largely depended on Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) missionaries to provide pastoral leadership in the past.

MCIC Attendees

Although Lutheran in past and present partnership, from its inception, MCIC has been and continues to be an international and inter-denominational place where all Christians are welcome to worship and grow together in Christian faith.  Because of our inter-denominational Christian Protestant background, we respect personal conscience and how it may dictate how much a person participates in our fellowship.

Therefore, MCIC does not have a process of membership.  Rather on an annual basis and/or when a person inquires we invite those who desire to make a pledge of time, talent and/or financial resources to MCIC.  We also have an Associate Membership program for attendees to be an associate member with our local Lutheran partner Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church, but yet wish to attend MCIC.

MCIC as Congregation:

As stated above, our congregation is richly blessed with a mix of nationalities and Christian experience.

Our average attendance per Sunday is about 30 persons but has varied greatly over the years and can vary considerably from week to week.  Furthermore, our attendance fluctuates depending on the season, for example, when attendees travel to their country of origin during the year-end holidays.

We are by nature an international congregation and thus are accustomed to the work of expatriates and their lifestyles which lead many of our congregation to be transient.  In general, about half of the households are long-term residents of Japan and the other half — 3 years or less.  By and large, we have attendees who are young single students and teachers who tend to stay in Nagoya for 6 months to 2 years.  We have adult professional technocrats who come to Nagoya (often with families) on 2 – 4 year assignments.  Relatively permanent expatriate residents of Nagoya (our largest percentage of regular attendees) tend to be heavily weighted with University professors and long-term teachers.  Many of these permanent residents are also dual nationality families.  We have Christian missionaries who have attended wanting to worship in English.  We also have and come to expect many visitors who are with us for very short time periods.

In terms of nationalities we are largely — about 50 % — North American but have attendees from all over the world.  Therefore, MCIC tends to be a fellowship with the majority in the age range of (30 – 50).  Currently we have no one attending who is retired.

MCIC Congregational Organization:

We have a simple organizational structure for the smooth operation of our worship.  There is a congregational council which includes two elected positions, President and Treasurer.  In addition to these positions, other members sitting on the council include: the pastoral leader; a liaison with Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church — usually a native Japanese speaker and one person representing our music/worship leadership (presently our band leader).

We do not have a constitution and are not an official religious non-profit organization or congregation under Japanese law, but do have a bank account.  We rely on our partner Japanese congregations when has been an issue.

In general, issues that need to be decided are discussed among the leaders by email and conversation.  Issues are brought before the entire congregation when necessary about least once a year, or as a need arises.  Whoever attends can vote with a simple majority being our collective decision.  We usually prefer to reach a consensus.

The MCIC Community and Location:

MCIC uses a building provided by our partner, Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church.  It is located in Meito Ward, in the eastern section of the city of Nagoya, in one of the city’s nicer residential neighbourhoods.

Nagoya has an excellent public transportation system and well maintained transportation infrastructure which is continuously expanding and improving.  We are a 10 minute walk from Fujigaoka station, the last stop on the Higashiyama Subway line.  Fujigaoka is served by numerous bus routes and the Linimo line (Magnetic Levitation Train line), which runs out further east to neighbouring Nagakute Town.

Nagoya is Japan’s fourth largest city and third largest metropolitan area after the Kanto (Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka) regions.  The greater Nagoya area is home to approximately 3 million inhabitants of which approximately 5,000 are native English speakers.  Also it is home to international corporations such as Toyota, Brother, and many other firms involved with the automotive and aerospace industries including Boeing.    Several international schools serve the Nagoya English-speaking population and two in particular, Nagoya International School and International Christian Academy of Nagoya, have a long relationship with attendees of MCIC.

MCIC Worship & Fellowship:

Worship is the most important aspect of MCIC.  Our worship is held each Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m., with Sunday School starting at 4:00 p.m.  The service is typically music-based, drawing on the wealth of musical talent in our congregation including piano, guitar, banjo, drums, etc.  We alternate between two different hymnals; the Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW), and the Baptist Hymnal (BH) and occasionally use With One Voice (WOV – a Lutheran hymnal supplement).  We also on occasion project or distribute hymns or songs.

The service follows a Protestant liturgical order (Gathering, Word, Proclamation, and Sending) using a PowerPoint projector (the projector belongs to our present missionary), with changes based on the church season and with Holy Communion (Lord’s Supper) in general twice per month.  We use the revised common lectionary (RCL) of our partner the JELC, but do not hold to it and are quite comfortable using a variety of scripture.  Our Holy Communion is open and offered to anyone who is baptized at any age but leave the choice and frequency of communing to each person.  With regards to children, it is the decision of the parents.  In the past our missionary pastors have never had to preside at a funeral of one of our attendees, and have only rarely been asked to preside at a wedding or baptism.

Our service includes a children’s sermon every Sunday.  The service is followed by a fellowship time with donations of snacks, baked goods and drinks from the attendees.  MCIC also purchases refreshments.  We also have a “potluck” (a meal with food provided by attendees) after worship periodically throughout the year, especially on the last Sunday of November around US Thanksgiving (our largest event of the year) and on Easter, but also at other times.

MCIC Sunday School:

Our congregation currently has one children’s Sunday School class led by attendees who rotate responsibility.  The class is for children from about age 5 to 5th grade which averages 6 attendees (varies considerably) in the fall, winter, and spring but adjusts based on the number and ages of our children.  Presently we use the One Room Sunday School curriculum published by Cokesbury from the US.  In lieu of a junior high/high school class, the missionary pastor began an Adult Bible Study that averages 3 attendees.  Lay leaders are encouraged to and have led Sunday school, adult classes and Christian fellowship at their homes or at our location.

MCIC Goals:

Our goal is to become a financially independent inter-denominational church.

Part of the background for this goal is as follows: In 2009, the JELC and the ELCA decided to no longer have a missionary in the Nagoya area with the present missionary scheduled to leave in the summer of 2010.  MCIC has always depended on Lutheran missionaries as pastoral leaders.  (Prior to that decision, we had become aware in 2006 that a future Lutheran missionary might not be sent and thus began to focus on preparing ourselves for that possibility.)  We separated our budget from our partner Japanese Lutheran church, and began to develop our own mission and budget with the goal of becoming a financially independent inter-denominational church, yet still remaining in a partnership with the JELC.

Unfortunately, the timeline to reach our goal has changed for a host of reasons including a drop in attendees because of the global recession of 2008-2009, an increase in the number of English Christian worship alternatives in the community, and a decrease in the number of missionaries.  At present we are not financially independent and we cannot afford to pay the full salary of a pastoral leader.

MCIC Facilities & Office Equipment:

Our building is owned by the JELC and is available through our partner Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church.

The building is a two-story building with the first floor divided into a narthex, sanctuary, fellowship room, kitchen, storage room, and men’s and women’s toilets.  The second floor contains a small office and missionary or Japanese parsonage consisting of one small bedroom, one large bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, dining-living room, toilet and bath/washroom, ample storage space and a small balcony.  In the past, our missionary pastor has resided in the parsonage.  On the church property there is a parking lot for approximately 5 cars and some bicycles.

We are not charged rent however we provide an annual gift to Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church which covers all utilities and maintains the building.  In the past we have also taken responsibility for professional cleaning and occasional professional carpet cleaning.  Our worship and fellowship space has wall to wall carpeting.

We lease a copy machine and own a colour computer printer.

MCIC Programs (other):

In addition to the programs mentioned above we have a Women’s Bible Study which meets twice a month during the fall, winter and spring.  This Bible study which meets under our umbrella and uses this facility is led by the attendees.  Our missionary pastor in the past few years has not been responsible for leadership but has unlocked and locked the doors and been the communicator to MCIC and Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran church regarding any needs or concerns.

MCIC Finances:

We receive a weekly offering, of which 10% is given to various charitable organizations on a rotating monthly basis or as needs arise.  The criteria we use for the charitable organizations are that they serve human needs, have a history of service and are regularly audited.  We generally avoid those organizations with strong particular Christian affiliations simply because we draw from a cross section of Christian experiences and denominations.  However we have supported a variety of Christian based organizations.  Besides this monthly tithe we receive special offering requests that we take on a case-by-case basis.  For example, we have taken a special offering for the Gideons annually.  However, as the Gideons are a para-church Christian organization we do not believe it is appropriate to use our tithe for that purpose.  In those special cases we provide a special offering envelope.

The remaining portion of our offering has been used for our minimal expenses.  In 2008 – 2009 we chose to give a gift to the JELC of 50% of our offering via Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church towards the pool that supports the Lutheran missionary presence in Japan.  We made that commitment for one year only.  The remaining amount we continue to save for our goal of becoming financially independent.

Contact information:

Church Address:

708 Takayanagi-cho, Meito-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 465

Phone:               +81-(0)52-771-5267         +81-(0)52-771-5267

Home page: www.meitochurch.org

Congregational President:

Byron J. Peterson

E-mail: byron @ my.email.ne.jp